Review of 28 Weeks Later.

September 29, 2008 at 1:48 pm (movies) (, )

The Infected are coming… Here’s the review.


The characters arent as great as the ones in 28 Days Later, but that set a very high standard and the one here are still quite good. They’re realistic, reasonably fleshed out, didnt seem superficial, decently acted, had arcs, characterization didnt go away once the horror started. That is a tendency in modern horror movies where the horror takes place over a matter of hours. Once it starts, what usually happens is everyone will just sort of revert to scared, mode, and for the rest of the movie the only thing they will do is try to combat the threat and dont really display a personality. Sometimes the way they combat the threat displays a personality, which is great, but it doesnt happen all that much. Anyway, thats why I put that in there, it should be the standard to avoid this but it really isnt. And having character arcs during the horror is well above the bar.


The atmosphere was so fantastic, 28DL was excellent, but wow, this was a better. They shot parts of it like a doco to make it feel more realistic, and also used the shaky cam and the music to get chaos, and as we moved through the movie it kind of progressed into being more surreal [through lighting and colouring for the most part] and lonely that was camerawork and silence.


It was quite a contrast to the first movie, like one of the themes of that was subverting the saying that Hell is other people, by doing Hell is no people. This one goes back to the original saying, with the scenes of crowded pandemonium, practically riots. But it wasnt just that, the army, the people, they were even more dangerous than the Infected, who werent people in the same sense.

HERE BE SPOILERS! The group dynamic was great. The role of protector kept shifting around as new members were added, first it was Tammy [the sister], then Scarlet [the military doctor] then Doyle [the soldier] and it kind of became this family unit, for a little while. Then the “protectors,” started getting killed off so the role shifted back down the line until it was just Tammy again. And they all made the decision to put their life into that role at some point, like Scarlet did when she gave up her chance of getting out the military exit to stay with Tammy and find Andy, Doyle kinda did when he abandoned his post to help people get out and then followed through on that with the car, Tammy was so desperate to stay with Andy that she was actually chasing her brother so they would stay together and he would eat her face.


And I dont know whether this was supposed to be because he got it from Alice or because the new writer/director team just wanted to do the virus that way, but after Don was infected he still seemed to have some intelligence and some memories. We hadnt seen anything like that before, they even made a point in the first movie of explaining that the Infected had nothing else to them but the desire to attack and eat. He kept popping up everywhere like he was following the group the entire time, and he didnt attack his kids immediately, he went for Scarlet and left Tammy. He used the gun as a club, he responded to his name There were other examples, but you get the idea. Anyway, I’d certainly be interested to see if this idea of the virus mutating continues in the sequel.

So, is it as good as 28 Days Later? Almost. Not as pretty, and the tone wasn’t as defined in places and as mentioned the characters weren’t quite as good – but even those things weren’t done badly at all, just not as well as the first movie did them. So it’s still a highly commendable 9 out of 10.


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