British media and hotness.

September 25, 2008 at 7:01 am (tv misc) (, , , )

This is random, but I’ve decided something I kind of like about a lot of British shows and movies is that they don’t feel the need to make everyone in the cast ridiculously attractive. Or rather, not so Hollywood-attractive, although the one-ep guest stars and stuff are usually normal, it often seems the main cast looks good in a less traditional way. It makes it feel a little more realistic and less glamourized. This aids Doctor Who in particular – the show as a whole can’t be considered realistic in any sense of the word, but the guest stars having that boy/girl-next-door look adds to the theme that the Doctor intrudes on situations that are completely realistic and normal and everyday, and makes them all weird and special and fantastic.

For an American example, Jericho was good about this too. Their blatant glamouring-up of Apocalypse Barbie [Emily] aside, anyway. IMO the star, Skeet Ulrich, was somewhere in the middle between Hollywood hot and unconventional hot, and everyone else pretty much nailed it. Good to see.

After all this, I still don’t mind all the Hollywood pretty – it’s nice to look at, duh – unless it’s one of those things where they seem to have chosen a cast purely for their looks and not their acting abilities. Apart from those cases, it’s just nice to have the more lifelike sense to a show/movie once in a while.



  1. erika said,

    I found your post through my Jericho Google alert. Hee! I like the regular looking types too. Interesting how the so-called normal looking people in Hollywood would be considered good-looking in our own communities.

  2. missbittens said,

    Yeah, there’s even a page about that over at TVTropes, if you’re interested.
    And when it turns out that they’re actually gorgeous canonically, it’s Beautiful All Along.

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