Disaster Movie “review.”

September 7, 2008 at 11:40 pm (movies) (, )

This isn’t even out in Australia yet – and I certainly won’t be seeing it when it is – but it’s only appropriate that my spoof review of their spoof movie is based purely off the poster and trailer, considering that that’s their modus operandi too. So, without further ado:

Disaster Movie is one of the most ground-breaking parodies of all time. It’s right up there with The Rocky Picture Show, Airplane! and Frankenfish*. It puts inferior spoofs like Mars Attacks and Slither** to shame. It’s misfortunate that all the haters and critics can’t get past the pop culture references to see that Disaster Movie has so many layers. Why do you think it only spoofed movies that were so mainstream? It’s because it was actually critisizing it’s target demographic for blindly worshipping these films that are so often shallow when there are projects of much higher quality and depth utterly failing to even recoup the budget. God, everyone is just missing the point of this film!

Almost every aspect of this fine movie was making a statement. For example, the “Enchanted,” costume tells us via hugely overpuffed shoulders that the inflation of our society’s egos were simply ridiculous and that our constant attempts to appear more attractive often end up simply being cumbersome and sometimes just look unnatural and absurd anyway – take botched plastic surgeries. Or the fight between “Carrie,” and “Juno.” Geez, a fight between a upper-class high-fashion New Yorker and a pregnant teenager. Sound like a class war much?

The acting, script, cinematography – all beautiful. If there wasn’t such prejudice against comedies, I’d expect this to win multiple Oscars. If it doesn’t at least get nominated, I’ll be sure to be outside protesting.

On the other hand, I love Disaster Movie [obviously] and am planning to see it at least three more times. And get the DVD, of course. I hadn’t seen Date Movie, Epic Movie, or Meet The Spartans before because everyone said they were so bad, but now I’ll have to get those DVDs too and check them out. Based on this one and it’s reception, I suspect they are also highly underrated.

*Frankenfish isn’t actually a parody at all, it’s just a really crappy movie. But the premises are similar enough that if you think of it as a parody of Jaws, it works well enough.

**Slither is a parody, and it’s my favourite comedy, just because I don’t want anyone thinking that I don’t love it like a fuzzy puppy.



  1. Reuben van Bemmel said,

    Feel that the recent flicks are lacking in quality? See my TV show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmam6xayVSM

    See this is what happens when you give an international super-power, in a recession, the privilege of dominating the movie market.

  2. maxieg18 said,

    I totally agree, Dale – it sure is marvellous and its use of humour is so good. That scene when Iron Man says ‘I am Iron Man’ and has a cow fall on top of him is hilarious and soooo mature. It’s a real pity though that the makers of this movie haven’t announced that they’ll be making another one. Maybe they won’t make another movie :'(. *breaks down and cries*

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