Ghost Whisperer: Melinda tortures MiniMelinda.

August 29, 2008 at 2:01 pm (tv review) (, )

Before I start, I just wanna say; if you’re a fan of Ghost Whisperer and found this none-too-kind post while googling it or something, go ahead and defend it in a comment, I won’t block it or anything. It’d be nice to have a well reasoned argument for why you disagree, although just saying “You’re a jackass,” or something won’t really do much to convince me or anyone else of your case.


Okay, so Ghost Whisperer came back on this week. I didn’t catch the first part, but what I saw was snark-bait enough. Well and truly worthy of being the comeback episode. There was a little girl who could see the ghost of another kid, and Melinda was trying to convince her to help him – he didn’t like or trust Mel herself, he reasoned that she just wanted to get him to listen to her and do what she thought was good for him instead of helping him find his parents first like he wanted to do. What a smart kid. I don’t know how she handled him before he decided this, but that was exactly what she was trying to do to Ghost Whisperer Mini.


Poor Mini didn’t want to help the ghosts. Of course not, she’s a little kid, she found them scary and sometimes they hurt her. Melinda never had it this rough, remember according to the show’s canon they’ve gotten heaps stronger since she was little, they couldn’t do squat then, so. It’s one of the few important details about canon that’s consistant, almost everything else is forgotten every other week. Nice work, writers. Keep up the high standard of effort here.


Okay, so Melinda spent the whole time telling Mini that she has to help the ghosts, be brave like her, lalalalala. Says the woman who “bravely,” makes incredibly stupid and dangerous decisions all the frakking time and then screams and cries until Ghostbuster Jim comes to save her. If Mini’s expected to do the same, she should get Jim. It’s only fair, she’s like eight or something. Melinda’s an adult and it’s time she learnt to take care of herself anyway.


It was a pretty callous thing to do anyway. Mini didn’t want her “gift,” and she shouldn’t have to spend all her time helping the ghosts who frighten her and give her pain [and she would probably get moved to a special school for kids with mental issues] just because Melinda said it’s the right thing to do. Of course it would be a very kind charitable sacrifice – but that’s the thing about charity and sacrifices, they’re supposed to be voluntary. Being a little girl and having an adult twist your arm and guilt you into it isn’t voluntary.


Of course, Melinda is a huge Mary Sue, and everything she says is right. Always. Seriously, her pespective of the situation is always portrayed as the right one. She’s a sort of Author Avatar for the writer’s incredibly shallow takes on complicated issues.


Can I punch her in the face? Right now she’s in need of a good punch in the face.


Oh, and we got someone saying “Just listen to your heart,” not once but twice. See, listening to your heart allows you to have better ghost whisper[er]ing skills. Yeah, I have no idea either. So anyway, isn’t “Listen to your heart,” only used in really bad Disney films or parodies these days? Trust Ghost Whisperer to pull out that trite cliché. It actually wasn’t so bad when it was a sweet little old lady saying it. When Melinda said it to Mini, it reached its piece-o’-crap potential.


Then they just sorta shoved a random “Drinking is bad,” moral onto the end there. I don’t know what that was about. They were one minute short of the mark or something, I guess.

Sadly, since Melinda is the Mary Sue Ghost Fairy, the kid did end up getting recruited. Poor little Mini. A moment of silence for the poor thing who got pulled in to Melinda’s web. Now her life will be pain and suffering until adulthood, whereupon it shall be pleasent enough, but superficial, idiotic, and so utterly boring despite the ghosts, becuase everyone who gets pulled in becomes this sort of poster child for mainstream perceptions of normality. Payne has displayed an amazing resistance, he refuses to be pulled in after almost two seasons on the show, that’s probably why I genuinely like him. Anyway, moment of silence.

To Mini, who forgot how to have crazy weird fun at about eight years old. Lest we forget, rather, may we track down Melinda and punch her in the face.


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