Pushing Daisies Season 2 trailer.

August 6, 2008 at 12:07 pm (tv misc) ()

It’s awesome. It’s not very clear what exactly is going on a lot of the time, but it’s still awesome.

My favourite parts are the clowns, corpses, clown corpses [in a car] a cannonball man going through a window, a circus which explains the clowns and the cannonball man, bees, bee corpses, a corpse caused by bee stings with bees coming out of it’s mouth and covering the camera*, a guy with a butcher knife, nuns, a fake nun, a nun kissing Butcher knife guy, Broadway nuns, a Broadway nun in an eyepatch, Broadway nuns doing what looks to be a homage to The Sound Of Music, a floating Broadway nun, a Broadway nun getting chased by a priest, a Broadway nun and the fake nun getting bowled over by one of those giant bell things, a nun corpse [of course] a secret revolving wall, a pig named Pigby, Missi Pyle, a fake hump that is really a person [Chuck?], and these lines:

“I have something to say, and I’m going to say it to you, you, you, and your hump!”

“I’m sorry about your loss. And I do accept credit cards.”


“I wake pies and make the dead… That was creepy.”

“Ooh, conspricies. How dramatic.”

*That bit actually really scares me. I used to like bees, then I was in a swarm when I was twelve, now I’m scared of them. But I still like them when they’re not near me, and they’ve been one of the many things I’m looking forward to when Channel Nine finally decides to start the show in Australia, but dude, bees coming out of a stung-to-death corpse and covering the camera? Cannot like them from a distance when they’re doing that. It’s too freaky. But still cool.


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