Saturn Awards make a planet sized mistake.

July 2, 2008 at 2:58 am (tv misc) (, , )

Okay, just looked at the Saturn Award winners. Jennifer Love Hewitt won for her role in Ghost Whisperer. God fucking damn it, I watch Ghost Whisperer, and unless she has improved substantially in the gap between mid-Season 3 and where the States are at in the series, she sucks! Badly! They don’t even give her anything interesting to do, it’s the same old shit every episode, limiting any potential she might have hidden away. The camera will always linger on her supposed-to-be emoting face before the ad break or scene change and it’s never emoting! Ever! Half the reason I keep watching is because it’s so very funny the way she shrieks as a ghost does something threatening! Why the hell would they give her an award?

Now that’s out of my system, IMO the Saturn Awards usually get it right, but they are also capable of huge immense screw ups, much moreso than most other respectable awards. They nominated Superman Returns ten times and gave it the award five times including for Best Fantasy, they nominated Batman and Robin, which is my favourite superhero movie specifically because it is such ludicrous shit, and it got a bunch of Razzie nominations too. Now they’ve awarded JLH, who seems like a nice person otherwise, but really cannot act.

All we can do is hope they can try again and do better next year.


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