Bag The SatC Promo Pic Game, first and last round.

June 17, 2008 at 11:41 am (Uncategorized) ()

Okay, I’m almost done. There aren’t any more posters unless we start getting ones in other languages, and I can’t be bothered to open that door. So I’m going to finish off with this one promotional picture.

I don’t know why she finds staring at the roof so wonderful. I do know why her eyes and nose appear distorted – photoshop! Again! Some more! By someone who has no idea how to use it! And is a total moron!

But by far the most striking feature of this woeful photo is the alarming paleness of Carrie. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the entire photo, not just her, is all paled up. But since so much of it is white already, it’s hard to tell. Last time I checked though, SJP wasn’t a snowy silvery colour tinged with pink at the edges. Perhaps the movie reveals that Carrie is really a Martian, which would also explain the distorted facial features. If it does so, I apologize. If not, I must conclude that my cat could put a better promo pic in her sleep with her paws handcuffed together while distracted by food. Suck it, promo pic.

So to round up, there are three main problems with the horrendous marketing campaign for SatC.

Making it all about Carrie/SJP.

Doing absolutely nothing to draw in new viewers i.e. putting almost nothing but a giant title on the poster.

Very, very, very bad photoshopping.

There was also a total lack of creativity, but thats too common an offence to count, so I’ll just make a note of it instead of counting it as one of the crimes.


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