Ted Mosby Is A Jerk, says crazy lady. In song.

June 14, 2008 at 6:49 am (tv misc) ()

I love How I Met Your Mother. I’d been hearing good things about it for ages, and decided to check it out about five weeks back. It was funny, and I really liked it, but then came an episode last week all about how someone is trying to ruin Barney’s life which made me love it. They had a tournament to see which one would have the most cause, since he had done some horrible things before or after having a one night stand with them. Then, at the final four, he went round to see them and check if they were trying to ruin his life. He had impersonated his best friend Ted to nail the second one, and she told him she had a website. Barney got up on a chair, and announced to the crowded cafe that he, Ted Mosby, does horrible things to women, to make sure to tell their friends and relatives, and they should all go visit the website. Which the narration says went on to get 400,000 hits, “Thanks, Barney.”

So, it’s a real website. Most of it’s pretty cute, but nothing more, although I like that they made it completely as though we are inside the HIMYM universe, there’s nothing telling us to buy T-Shirts to support the show or any of that crap. But the best part is, the main page has a song that will start to play. A song of awesome. It’s written by the girl from the show who supposedly set up the website, and is about how “Ted Mosby,” is a jerk.  Well, sometimes it’s about how she still loves him and wants him to come back. It has time to alternate since it goes for twenty minutes. It also gets more and more insane as it goes along, peaking at about 16 minutes in. In any case, it’s super awesome, with awesomesauce. For anyone who watches HIMYM, this is a must-see, and Battlestar Galactica fans should enjoy the big reference to their show.

Seriously, even if you don’t watch HIMYM, if at some point you’re doing something on your computer that is not watching a video but will take twenty minutes or longer [say, homework] I recommend foregoing music you’ve listened to a thousand times and checking this out. At least if you enjoy crazy but fun kind of stuff.


Off the song alone, this deserves the Emmy for whatever category you put websites in. I know there is a category, the Jericho site got a nom last year.


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