Bag The Sex and the City Poster game! Round 3.

June 7, 2008 at 4:35 pm (movies) (, )




Again with SJP getting the huge title at the top and being the only one in the poster. This isn’t a character poster, btw, meaning there aren’t ones of the other girls as well like they have with most blockbusters focused around multiple people, or even many ones focused around just one person. Like some of the Harry Potter movies. From what I’ve heard the show was about four female friends in New York, so how that’s been translated into It’s All About Carrie for the advertising campaign is lost on me.


But more importantly, her hair has come to life and is eating her head and shoulders. Just look at it, it’s rising away from her head, and there are tendrils of it snaking down her shoulders. This one could easily be revamped as a horror movie poster too, just not a specific one, and Stuck is supposed to be pretty good whereas this non-existent horror movie would be crap city, because you can’t make a movie about hair eating someone and have it be anywhere near adequate. Wait, unless it was so-bad-it’s-good-on-purpose horror-comedy like Slither. That would be way cool then.

Hm, topic. It’s not even a good look. She should wear her hair; the hair shouldn’t wear her face and later eat it. The make-up is awful too, although not so noticeable because of the carnivorous tragedy surrounding it. And seriously, why is it that it’s nighttime; everything’s dim, yet her face and hair are in bright light? Did the moon send down a special beam just for her? Am I supposed to say aww? You get no aww, poster. I reserve my awws for posters with Abigail Breslin or baby animals on them. Or Adam Baldwin. He’s so aggressively fuzzy and adorable. Like a baby animal clutching a machine gun and snarling.

Finally, I am not really sure why that jacket is so shiny. It looks like sparkly pleather, which is a scary, scary thought.


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