Brenda Pet

May 25, 2008 at 5:46 am (movies) (, )

I love the movie Slither. Or SLiTHER, as it is sometimes spelled for reasons I cannot figure out. It’s a cross between an affectionate parody of modern horror and intentionally so-bad-it’s-good, with a whole heaping of gross-out comedy on the side.

Yesterday I took a look at the official website. Most of it’s just average. However, they had this thing called Brenda Pet. You know those little desktop pets that you can download, and they’ll scamper around your desktop being cute? It’s like the Slither version of that, meaning that instead you listen to her whine and watch her tumours move, as the description says. You can also feed her raw meat, but be careful not to feed her too much, you never know what might happen…

Test it out online or download it by going here. You can find her under the Special Features menu. It’s worth taking a look if you want something more unusual on your desktop, even if you’ve never seen Slither.



  1. infinitlight said,

    Awesome. I so want to put her on all of work’s computers.

  2. tvlover222 said,

    gotta luv her, feeding her meat haha.

  3. missbittens said,

    Ha! Infinitlight, that would be veeeery funny indeed. I’m kinda tempted to put her on some of the ones at school now…

  4. missbittens said,

    Soph, if you died and went to heaven, I think you would just get a real life version of her and you could feed her meat for all eternity.

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