Ghost Whisperer safety tips.

May 11, 2008 at 1:19 am (tv misc) ()

Amusingly, this week’s episode of Ghost Whisperer was called Double Exposure. Like, I’ll say. They could even rename the show that if they wanted to. Of course, we were supposed to think it was a reference to cameras, since the ghost of the week was messing with them. So, here’s your regular safety tips from Ghost Whisperer.


1.   If you have a ridiculously perfect husband, especially one who has often saved your ass or your life, appreciate him. Don’t start a big bitchy fight because he wants to go to med school and picked up a brochure for one in a different state. It doesn’t mean he’s going to go there, okay? My mum’s always complaining about all the brochures my dad gets for stuff he’s never going to buy. Do not drive ridiculously perfect ass-and-life-saving husband away. I’d say you’ll end up a lonely old lady with 38 cats, but you probably won’t even live that long anyway.

2.    Never rely on anyone as dumb as Melinda to save you from dying of asthma. You know what she did? First she tried to get the unconscious lives-alone victim to try to let her in the door, then she  decided to have a chat with her dead ex-boyfriend over her rapidly dying body instead of giving medical attention. Nice work, genius! God, she’d probably try to bring someone out of a coma by whacking them in the head with nearby heavy objects. Jim, never get hurt at home. If it’s not fatal, your bonehead wife will fix that.

3. If you’re in a relationship that becomes long distance, don’t cheat on your partner and claim it was because “[you] were so lost without [them].” If your partner doesn’t kill you, I might.


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