TVtropes and The Wuthering Heights Song.

April 29, 2008 at 1:57 pm (misc.)

I found two new and interesting things today. While waiting for a tram I was talking to a friend of my brothers, I told him about the Nostalgia Critic’s hilariously horrified reviews of Pokemon: The Movie and Space Jam, and in return he told me about a website called It’s really cool, all about commonly used story elements [or “tropes”] in different media. It has so many, it would almost certainly be impossible to creat a story without any of them. You can just look up whatever show, movie, book or comic you enjoy, and see a list of trope it has, with links to the definition of that trope, and examples. Or you can look up different kinds of tropes. One of my favourites was the Epileptic Tree trope, and the Magnificent Bastard trope since that is Television Without Pity’s nickname for the pre-redeemed Lionel, and they even state in the definition/entry that it was TWoP who made the trope popular. SQUEE! Oh, and they hate Lana too.


Now for The Wuthering Heights Song. Me and a friend of mine are taking the same Literature class, and we’re currently studying Wuthering Heights. Anyway, today my friend showed me a video on Youtube, of a woman performing a song she’d written herself after reading Wuthering Heights. Which doesn’t sound so monumentous, except then it turned out to be TERRIFYING. Her weird dance, her crazy eyes that she keeps fixed directly on the camera and keeps widening to an alarming degree… I was half-covering my eyes and making scared squeaky sounds.

Apparently this woman is popular in Britain or something, so if you are a fan of her and reading this, try to understand my point-of-view here before you judge. I wasn’t around when she made this, I haven’t experienced whatever other freaky weird song & dances were around then. I have never seen her perform before, nor anyone remotely similar, so I was not eased into this. OF COURSE I’m going to find this scary. It probably doesn’t help that this version is apparently the scariest of her performances of the song. And for the record, I think she is both a good dancer and singer. Just a frightening one.


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  1. Word said,

    Nice reaction lol dude.

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