Smallville likes gum. And product placement.

March 16, 2008 at 7:07 am (tv review) (, , )

So, in the latest episode of Smallville [Hero] Clark’s old buddy Pete returned to his hometown and got superpowers. But the whole thing was really just one long commericial for a brand of chewing gum. Anyway, at one point Jimmy was going to interview Pete about his powers, but it didn’t go ahead. Given the extreme amount of product placement in the episode, this is how I imagine the interview would have gone. Enjoy.

Jimmy: Could you describe your power a little?
Pete: Sure man, I can stretch my limbs way out, just like Stride Gum!
Jimmy: Or elastic?
Pete: Or Stride Gum!
Jimmy: Um, okay. How did you get this power?
Pete: I got it by chewing Stride Gum! Stride Gum has such long-lasting flavor, it gives you superpowers!
Jimmy: So does that mean you taste like gum now or something?
Pete: Yeah, I bet I’ve got a long-lasting minty-fresh tang, just like Stride Gum!
Jimmy: Uh huuhhh. What do you plan to do with this power?
Pete: Well, now I can get to the nearest 7-11 three times as fast, so I won’t have to go as long without Stride Gum!
Jimmy: Right. You saved Kara Kent’s life the other night. Why don’t you tell us about that?
Pete: So I’m a roadie for some suck-ass band which somehow was fortunate to get a gig at the old Stride Gum factory. I was enjoying some Stride Gum, when suddenly I saw some equipment coming loose from the ceiling. They should have used Stride Gum to stick it up there. And then I saw there was a hot chick [she probably chews Stride Gum] beneath the falling equipment. So I thought of Stride Gum, and found it within myself to reach out and pull her back from about ten metres away. Stride Gum gave me the power to save her life!
Jimmy: That’s it, I’m done. The first meteor freak who’s willing to be interviewed, and he turns the whole damn thing into a pimpfest for some crappy gum.
Pete: Hey-
Jimmy: I just can’t take this shit. Fuck you, fuck this, and most of all, fuck Stride Gum. God, I need a drink.
Pete: Can you call me Strideman in the article?
Jimmy: NO!


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  1. colleen f said,

    haha..i noticed this recently watching episodes 12 and 13.
    maybe they are trying a form of subliminal messaging!

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