The Mist: Surprisingly high quality.

February 12, 2008 at 1:20 pm (movies) (, , )

The Mist is actually a good horror film. I know, I know,  such a rare achievment for the US in the 21st century. It’s nothing like that movie “The Fog” that came out a couple of years ago, if anyone’s [quite reasonably] worried about that. Me and my friend kept comparing it to Lord Of The Flies. Well, she would say “It’s like Lord Of The Flies, with adults,” and I would say “And religion, and a supermarket, and… mist.” Then she would be like, “Oh, ya think?” But yeah, there was a Lord Of The Flies vibe in that it was more about how people reacted to the mist than the mist itself, and for most people the reaction was kind of “Go wild and lose rational thought.”  It was an interesting process to watch.
The monsters in the mist were a pretty mixed group. The great big flying creatures [dinos?] were cool, and the spiders were awesome. The bit where they find the webs, then the people, then the spiders was IMO the best part in the whole movie. I actually yelped “SPIDER ZOMBIES!” in delight. Sorry, everyone else in the theatre. Back to the monsters, the shots of the bugs covering the store window were great, but once they’d actually gotten inside they weren’t so menacing. The skin-ripping tentacles were fun, but it’s hard to take them seriously. “There’s an octopus in the mist!” Whatever.
The directing was nice. The mist was very creepy, as mentioned there were some fantastic shots of the bugs on the store window, I especially loved the bloody handprint on the door, and the scene in the pharmacy was very very very creepy.

I wish there hadn’t been such a huge and obvious divide between our heroes, who were indeed awesome, and the folks listening to Mrs Normandy. I mean, they should have had a few people in the middle, or shown people slowly being converted to Mrs Normandy’s POV. Like if someone stated that they did believe in God, and maybe it was Judgement Day or something, but they didn’t see how killing people and acting like they were a part of the Salem Witch Trials would help.  And I also wish someone had spoken up against her more, given that so much of what she was saying didn’t make sense or was irrational. You know, like, “If these creatures are from another dimension, and God sent them, doesn’t that mean they’re from heaven? Isn’t heaven supposed to be all nice, not full of judgement day creatures?” Or, “Does the bible say anything about skin-ripping tentacles or flying dinos or giant spiders that make people into their spider zombies?” Or “If you’re such a lovely servant of God, why are you calling people b*tches? What happened to love thy neighbour?” Or you know, if they actually had taped her mouth shut like that little awesome balding guy suggested.

Seriously, the heroes were pretty cool. The main guy was a little too Jack-Shepherd alpha-male-leader-dude for me, though he wasn’t an a**hole or anything. But the rest were great. The guy who I liked the best was short, middle-aged, balding and wore glasses, and basically looked nothing like a hero. But he was brave, he was intensely rational which is quite rare among big brave heroes, he did what he had to but didn’t enjoy it or make it into a soap opera, when the mist first came up he quietly went about taking care of everyone but not making any fanfare about it, but he was a little bada** when he had to be.  Actually, pretty much all the heroes were bada**, the girls just as much as the guys, the old people just as much as the young and pretty. It was awesome seeing the little old lady flame a giant spider. The variety was great to see.

The one thing that really p*ssed me off was the ending. They were all so bloody stupid. It was presented as the only option, but it wasn’t. There was still a fair chance that they could be rescued if they’d just waited in the car. It had been what, three days? Four? Barring monster attack, which was likely but not certain, they would have had at least another couple of days before even one person died. Which means there was a decent chance the military would come or the mist would clear. Or they could have tried to find another car, or a house. But nope, they just decided that there was no way they weren’t going to die. Then there’s the fact that they should have already been looking for another car as they got lower on gas. They just needed to find one with a corpse in it, ’cause that one would have the keys in it too. Break in if it’s locked, shove the corpse out [sorry, random dead dude] and bingo, new transportation. Instead they were all overwhelmed with a wave of blinding stupidity. Blah.

My friend looked the book up, and apparently that had a way different ending. Which I won’t spoil, but I feel that ending wouldn’t work in a movie. So I can see why they changed it, I just wish they had changed it to something better. The end does drag it down, but overall this still gets a solid recommendation.

7.5 out of 10.



  1. infinitlight said,

    “I actually yelped “SPIDER ZOMBIES!” in delight. ”

    I sang “Spider things, spider things, does whatever a spider thing does…”

    I hate the ending. Get out and walk goddammit! You’re going to die *anyway*. I also hated the sucking charisma vacuum that was Thomas Jane (and whoever the actress was who played his wife! Dear Jeebus, talk about praying for the apocalypse).

    I thought Laurie Holden (blonde schoolteacher) was the best thing in it, but that’s not saying much.

    Also, hi! I followed your link from the Jericho board and I was going to comment on your Jericho review but then I saw this and got all distracted by the shiny thing.

  2. missbittens said,

    “I hate the ending. Get out and walk goddammit! You’re going to die *anyway*.”
    Heh. Exactly. All the alternatives to the ending were dangerous, but not as dangerous as what they chose to do, of course.
    I didn’t like the lead much either. He was okay, but probably my least favourite main character. But yeah, the schoolteacher was cool.

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