TV review: Ghost Whisperer.

December 6, 2007 at 10:55 pm (tv review) (, )

This one is quite late in coming, so I’d better get started. Okay, to sum up this episode, Melinda saw a bloke talking to a ghost and realised he has “the gift.” She then spotted him out in the town square. So they had a couple of chats, he was in a mental institution for ten years or so, she found out he’s evil and wants to make the dead stronger than the living.

For Ghost Whisperer, this was actually alright. I wouldn’t call it good, but it was okay. However, were Melinda able to read this, I would offer her some tips:

  1. It’s not classy to show more boob than Pamela Anderson at a funeral. No, not even if the corpse is dressed in a jacked over a fancy bra. But if you want to meet the person who dressed her, just look for the guy who’s staring at your massive Pamela Anderson cleavage throughout the whole ceremony. I know, given the size of the twins, I’ll need to be a bit more specific. He’s the one who fainted when he saw them.
  2. If you find a guy who can also talk to ghosts, don’t think the worst of him without knowing him at all. And don’t act all cold to him when he’s a guest in your home and seems like a totally nice guy. No, I don’t care if you think it’s suspicious, he could say the same about you.
  3. But if you are suspicious of a guy, don’t go off alone with him to a dark deserted place. Take Jim. Take Payne. Take Delia. Go during daylight, at least. Take some mace. Take a tazer. Any of these would be a good idea.
  4. If you are even more suspicious of a guy than you were before and have evidence that there’s something off about him, then don’t get in your car, alone, follow him home, and enter said home, alone. Especially not when you know he’s home. They should just show Ghost Whisperer in women’s safety classes as a guideline on what not to do.
  5. Don’t try to cross ghosts over while driving. Maybe they should show Ghost Whisperer as the what-not-to-do guide in traffic school too… Or at least if John Edward, James Van Praagh or Colin Fry are in the class.

 I don’t know what’s going on with Romano’s ghosts. They went with him, and supposedly changed and became like him, but now they’re back to normal. They can even cross over if they want to, apparently. So yeah, Romano is not so much the Big Bad he was made out to be, more the Small Naughty.

Melinda shrieky scenes! We haven’t been getting enough of them lately. They’re always unintentionally the funniest part of my night.

The bit where Mel and Co. found the room full of photos of her was actually creepy. Hardly original, but it was creepy for at least three seconds. New record! Although I was kind of distracted ‘cause I was thinking that Al and Miles [showrunners of Smallville] probably have similar rooms in their houses with pictures of Lana.

The thing where Payne wouldn’t forgive his wife – I understand if he can’t forgive her, but he should have lied. He should have said it for her, so she could cross over. BTW, it was pretty stupid how one minute his wife was all crying and sad and sorry and nice, and then the next she’s gone all evil bitchy ghost.

So concludes the review. They’re not really reviews, are they? More collections of thoughts about the show. Oh well, “review,” is quicker to type.


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